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          technical data  
Throughout the production of the tarpaulin products and carports we use excellent quality, durable and functionally perfectly appropriate raw materials only.

Below you can learn about the technical features of the materials used for the basic size carports most frequently chosen by our customers. The type of canopy material may change according to the size and purpose of the garage!

    the tarpaulin:           

country of origin
raw material
type of coating
weight of raw material
weight of coating
ultimate tensile strength (UTS)
ultimate tensile strength
density of coating
temperature resistance
UV protection
:  Belgium, Italy
:  B8103
:  100% PES
:  100% PVC
:  680 gramm/m2
:  200 gramm/m2
:  480 gramm/m2
:  2/2 akril
:  2500 N / 5 cm
:  200 / 250 N
:  100 N / 5 cm
:  140
:  -30 °C / +70 °C
:  8 %
:  intense / enhanced
Useful information
The seaming and fixing of the tarpaulin is performed with automatic hot air welding machines, so there are no sewing surfaces, where moisture may penetrate through.

We use strenghtened, double tarpaulin material at the edges of the tarpaulin to avoid the split of the metal rings used for clamping

In the case of damage, the tarpaulin material can be repaired simply, fast and at low cost, even on the scene.

Its surface is suitable for almost any decoration and advertisement purpose. The effective commercial surface of our basic size tarpaulin is approximately 16 m2.


As one of the few manufacturers to do so, we introduced applying a double layer of tarpaulin material at the meeting point of the structure frame and the tarpaulin, for this is the area, where the tarpaulin material is damaged the easiest and fastest way by the adverse effects of sunshine and wind.

This method extends the lifetime of the tarpaulin material significantly!

    structural elements:            

mounting elements
binding elements
cross binding elements
type of coating (basic)
type of coating (extra)
joining and clamping

clamping elements
length of clamping elements
:  25 mm X 25 mm hollow section
:  20 mm X 20 mm hollow section
:  20 mm X 20 mm hollow section
:  surface treatment and painting
:  galvanization
:  sliding elements

:  20 mm X 20 mm hollow section
:  100 cm


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