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          truck covers
During the past decades the truck covers line of our business has gathered a broad range of experience in covering  a variety of utility vehicles and in reparing tarpaulins. With the wide range of the raw material and color options of our vehicle tarpaulins we are able to satisfy almost any ordering demand, let it be domestic or export.
              cover types             

application of covers on heavy trailers
and semi-trailers

application of covers on truck structures

application of covers on
dump truck trailers

preparing full canopies
and roof canopies

application of covers on trailers, pick up
and agricultural utility vehicles
         our services        

repairing canopy

attaching stickers

commercial texting

commercial illustration

estimating ang planning

Why does it worth choosing our products ?
because we use only outstanding quality materials of Western European manufacturers to prepare tarpaulin products

because the quality and long lifetime of our products is guaranteed by the decades-long professional experience and continuous quality control

because we are attempting to fully meet the individual demands of our customers too

because we repair the products purchased from us at a discount price even beyond the guarantee period

because our expert colleagues lay emphasis on providing our customers with fully comprehensive information and helping them to choose the most appropriate product


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favourite products

tarpaulin carport
480X250X220 cm